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DaY tWo – tHE mODerN CiTy oF HoNG kOnG - PART I

4/1/07 (DAY Two)

DaY tWo – tHE mODerN CiTy oF HoNG kOnG - PART I

Next morning, woke up early around 7.30am.
Today is the first full day I had in Hong Kong
I had plans to visit many places in the Hong Kong Island
I walked down the street and find a place to having breakfast
It is a big contrast when compare the early morning street to the night of Mongkok
There are fewer people walk on the street,
But everyone is in a rush.
I had walk across the road to the Wan Tan Mee restaurant where I take my lunch yesterday.
I found that it is difficult to find restaurant in this area as I look around the street I only found this restaurant opening.
I asked the lady owner, she said they opened 24hrs.
Wow! How hardworking they are!
I ordered a Wan Tan Mee and one “yun yong” (tea & coffee) separately as there doesn’t have a set meal.
The tea cost me 10dollars while the mee is just 15dollar.
I wonder why the tea cost more than a meal.
…then I start my journey today to Hong Kong Island.
My first destination will be The Peak.
To reach there I need to take MTR to the Central Station.
Actually the destination I planned in the whole trip is those places which are accessible by MTR.
I walk into the Mongkok MTR Station through exit D2.
Once I entered the station, there are lots of crowds.
No wonder there are no many people on the street.
I followed the signboard to the entrance and find the Tsuen Wan Line and followed the way to Central as Central is the last station of this Tsuen Wan Line.
This line is the most populated as many people staying around here working at Central and Central is Hong Kong’s financial and business centre.
Their train is very long unlike our so called “KL LRT” having only two cabins.
The information operator is speaking Chinese, Cantonese and English.
The MTR stations and trains are operates very similar to Singapore’s MRT systems.
The underground station is as large as the one in Singapore and very tourist friendly!
After passed through at least 5 stations,
I reached Central Station.
The central station is very big as there are 3 interchanges in this station.
I find the sign showing exits Charter Roads.
When I come out from the stations after going up 6 storeys from underground,
I saw HSBC HQ and Bank of China bldgs.
So happy to see it as I had used this two bldgs in my past assignments.
After taking some photo, I walk towards the Peak Tram Terminal.
I followed the signboard along the roads and passed by many buildings.
The way to Peak Tram Terminal is walking upwards.
Passed by Cheung Kong Buildings and some heritage buildings…
Feel very happy as I had reached the heart of Hong Kong.
I saw the working groups along the way,
They are really busy.
I saw many Benz, Jaguar and Rolls Royce passing too.
When I reach Peak Tram Terminal, I asked the cashier for the package to Madame Tussauds and Tram ticket, they said the booth haven’t open yet need to wait till 9.30am.
So, I get out from the Terminal and take some picture around and observing view of the surroundings.
After buying the ticket,
I get into the Tram,
Along the road to the Peak, there are actually 4 stations between.
This tram starts the service since 1888,
It’s considered as a heritage of Hong Kong.
While the tram moving upwards,
The view of the surrounding luxurious apartments and buildings are so beautiful!
It touched everyone’s heart when looking at it.
I really appreciated the words that say Hong Kong is a beautiful city!
It is really true!
Reached the Peak Tower few minutes later,
I heading to the observation deck, but it haven’t open yet, so I just walk from the tower and walk around.
I start feels the cold in this cooling environment.
After walking around, I get into the Peak Galleria which is the shopping centre of The Peak.
While walking from floors to floors, I found that there is an observation deck above.
From this observation deck, I get to see the southern parts of the Hong Kong Island and the mountains around.
Then, I walk back to the Peak Tower.
From the Peak Tower, I can see the amazing view of the buildings build on the Mid Level following the nature of the slope.
Every shop inside the Peak Tower is very unique in its design and products.
When I reach the observation deck,
I saw another great view again,
This is the greatest view of Hong Kong as it allows us to see the Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island and Tsim Sha Tsui area.
The view of Hong Kong is like a picture.
This is an amazing Town Planning, in fact, there are no town planning when they building it in the past.
I really fall in love to this city!
I try taking a picture myself but couldn’t get a nice one.
This is one of the problems when traveling alone.
Luckily, a French group helps me to take a picture.
When traveling alone, this is the only way to take picture if you want to be inside of the picture.
I had spent quite some time there,
Not willing to leave the place.
I bought some unique souvenirs at the Peak Tower’s shop.
I then go to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum,
My first time to see these Wax Figures,
So happy to see many famous people inside,
The tourists are so happy and taking photo with their beloved celebrities,
Some of the model is really looked like real one, like Michelle Yeoh’s.
However, my favorites Cecilia Cheung’s model looks like quite frightening.
In the world of fame, I saw Princess Diana, Royal Families and the Bush administration personnel.
Had take picture with Li Ka Shing, Jiang Ze Ming, Lee Kuan Yew and other heros…
So happy when I saw the wax model of Twins and Joey!
I love them very much,
Joey is a little taller than me while Twins are so pretty and cute!
Long time hasn’t been so happy!
Then, I planned to have my lunch at SoHo area, it is a place having lots of coffee shops, bar and dining area.
So, get the tram down and from the lower peak tram terminal, I followed the signboards to SoHo….

(to be continue…)

When I get down from the peak,
I find the way to Hollywood Road by following the map,
Because, according to the map, when I reach Hollywood Road, the SoHo is just the next street from there,
I followed the signboard which showing SoHo and Hollywood Road,
I walk along a winding hill road which passed by the government headquarters,
I saw many foreigners around which is also heading to the same directions,
I have to kept walking until I reach the junction showing Glenealy Road,
Don’t really which road I am taking, after a while, I reached Lan Kwai Fong.
All bars, pubs and shops there are very unique and having the western feel,
Many people on the streets during that time as it is lunch hour,
After visiting Lan Kwai Fong, I continue my way to Hollywood Road.
Again I reached another place which I planned to see, the Former Central Police Station,
It is a historical buildings and one of the heritage in Hong Kong,
I kept walking and finally reached Staunton Street, it is the SoHo areas,
There are many restaurants but it is out of my budget, I need to find some other place to have my lunch, I walk around and reached Peel Street,
There is restaurant selling chicken rice, good; this is what I want to try in Hong Kong too,
However, the meal here is not cheap, it cost me 30dollar,
The space is so small, even the table, sharing is a must here.
In the restaurant, I can see different types of people, there are college student, office lady, tourist, mostly working class; the people keeps coming in and out, the business there is quite well.
After lunch, I continued my way,
Now, I want to try the Mid Level Escalators, is 850m, world longest covered escalators, it is a walkway for the people in this area to travel from the lower part to the mid hill.
Along the way, there are many exits and is one of the most importance walkway or services for the people there,
With this, the people do not need to climb so many steps up the hill.
This escalators had lead me to the lower parts and I reached Queen’s Road,
I had observing the people around and Hong Kong is really very crowded,
My next place to visit is the Two Financial Centre,
From the map, I knew that I need to find Des Voeux Road,
Actually all the walkway is covered; it is very convenient to walk around as all the buildings are connected to each other by the pedestrian walkways,
It leads me to the Exchange Square while I following the signboard in the walkways,
I saw many working class here,
The Exchange Square has two buildings which is the Exchange Tower One and Two,
There is a rest area outside, I had take a rest there and take some pictures around,
Exchange Square is where the Hong Kong Stock Exchange situated,
The buildings in Hong Kong is really majestic, both the interior and exterior.
I had take a walk inside the exchange square,
Then I walk towards Two Financial Center, it is the tallest building in Hong Kong.
Below, there is a mall, called International Financial Centre Mall,
This is the way to the Two Financial Centre,
This mall is a high end mall selling luxurious items like KL Starhill,
It had a great view of the harbour.
Next place which I want to go is walk along the road to the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre,
I can see the building from here, so what I need to do is just follow Wan Chai’s direction,
I walk out and heading towards Charter Road.
I found that I actually come back to where I came in the morning, Central MTR Station,
The HSBC is just nearby, I decide to go and take a closer view of the buildings, I passed by a small garden and beside is the City Hall, Wow!
I nearly missed this place,
The city hall is the former supreme court of Hong Kong,
From there, I get into the pedestrian walkway again and heading towards Wan Chai, it is covered all way long and passed by many buildings like ICAC HQ, Lippo Building.
It takes me quite a long walk and I reached the waterfront, I then follow the direction of the Wan Chai CEC.
The Wan Chai CEC is really a beautiful building,
This building held many important functions,
Including of the handover ceremony of returning Hong Kong to China,
I had entered the building,
No functions held so is quite empty inside,
I had walk around and come to the Bauhinia Square,
The Bauhinia Flower is the Symbol flower of HK,
It is a tourism spot,
Regret for never taking picture as no one can take for me there.
I had take a rest at the waterfront, facing Tsim Sha Tsui, Star Ferry Pier, where I going to visit tonight.
It is very relaxing and I feel very comfortable and happy when looking at the harbour,
KL doesn’t have a harbour as our city is at the inner parts unlike HK is situated along the harbour.
Around 5pm, I walk to the Wan Chai MTR Station travel back to Mongkok.
Around 7pm, I go Tsim Sha Tsui with my friend to see the laser beam light show at the Victoria Harbour which starts at 8pm.
We walk around as nearby have many tourism spot, like Sogo, Peninsula Hotel, Star Ferry Pier, Hong Kong Art and Cultural Centre.
The lightshow is really amazing!
Many tourist around and love the lights show much,
It is a coordination or light performance by the buildings at the Hong Kong Island.
Hong Kong Night View is another beautiful view,
This beauty can only find in HK,
HK is really a great city!
Everything which we see is actually an exchange of cash,
Here is where the places have tonnes of cash.
Everything which we see is actually the results of the hardwork of HK people,
Everything which we see is actually the spirit of determination and persistent of HK people in acquiring a better life.
Everything there inspired me very much!
Can be said, every single things I seen, teaches me something.
Looking forward to see more great things next day.

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Hong Kong Single Trip - 3-7th Jan -- PART II

Part II - 3rd Jan (first Day)

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It is very easy to find, I saw Jacky then, the owner of the HK Budget Hostel.
Wow, this is my first time to stay in a Hostel.
It is a single flat unit and divided into 5 rooms.
The space is limited and small,
After I get into my room, ha… I estimated, around 36 square feet.
My room has an attached bathroom, water heater facilities, TV and a double decker bed.
My friend is shock to see that.
But I had prepared to accept as I just need this room for bath and rest.
One thing good about this hostel is it has a very warm feeling, just like our own house.
The owner is a young guy who managing this hostel as his career.
He lives here too.
The hostel is very clean and every room fitted with proper fire prevention facilities.
This is a very good experience to me,
This had let me see the living style Hong Kong people.
Even though the space is so small, but they arrange the place nicely and neatly, without wasting a single space.
After putting my luggage in the room, we then go and eat.

She asks me to suggest one thing which I wish to eat so that it is easier.
I suggest Wan Tan Mee,
When we come down from the hostel, at the opposite side there is a shop selling it.
We then go in…the shop is so small, the table too.
I had ordered a Wan Tan Mee, wanna try and see the differences between the KL one and HK one.
I saw how she order and notice that Hong Kong people like to order a plate of vege as additional dish.
I had observed the people there and the passer by outside the shop.
Hong Kong people are in a rush all the time.
The Wan Tan Mee is soup one; no dry anyway, it cost me 15dollar.
Is really nice.
She had tells me that which type of shop will be cheaper to eat in.
After eating, she gonna leave.
I thank her, before that… she shows me a few direction so that is more easy for me when I see the map, she point me the Nathan Road and to Tsim Sha Tsui direction; and also the MTR exits as there are many exits for each station. Our place is Mongkok station D2 exit.
She left,
And I start this trip.

At first I stand at the road site and see how the people in Hong Kong crossing the road.
Is just like what I had seen in the TVB Drama, there are many people here.
When they cross the road, are really seas of people crossing it.
Not very cold during that time, I think is around 15 degree.
My first place to visit will be the surrounding complex; this is to get myself familiar with the place.
I have a good direction sense, it’s easy for me.
After seeing the complex and the people lifestyle, I walk towards Nathan Road.
I will start walking along Nathan Road towards Tsim Sha Tsui direction.
Nathan Road is a tourist attraction,
Many things to buy and this road seem so familiar which shows many times in the Drama.
The people here walk very fast.
So, I had to walk fast too.
Along the road, I keep observing the people, their lifestyle, and the buildings around, the car, busses, and taxies. I saw Public Bank! It makes me feel so warm as the m’sia bank is here.

While walking, I decided to go to our Fo Guang Shan Branch in Hong Kong,
It is situated at the Waterloo Road.
My teacher told me before the temple is next to YMCA.
So, I follow the map and search for the Waterloo Road junction.
The signboards shows me – Waterloo Road , 1-11.
This is what my friend tell me just now, 1 -11 is the building number around this road, so what I need to do is just follows the number,
Wow, the address written is 84, I have a long way to go…
But I saw YMCA at my left hand side now,
I wonder what is happening; I continue my walk and pass by a hospital,
I ask the reception whether I had reached. She told me no, this is still area 12-30, I need to walk further.
Is ok, at least I’m in the right way. I wonder why YMCA is here; I thought my teacher say is beside it?

I think is school end during that time, I saw many students around and they have different uniforms for each school.
I had pass by at least 7 junctions, I saw Mc Donald’s… I go in and check out the price of a Mc Value set, it cost 29 dollar. Still ok…
I then saw 81 – 90 street. I think I reached.
Yes, I do, I follow the number and kept finding…
What?... I saw YWCA… this is the accommodation for women of the YMCA.
I search around and I really found, it same row of the YWCA, opposite on my side.
I walk up to the building, after pray, I told the receptionist that I come from Msia and is a youth member of Fo Guang Shan, she bring me visit around.
So, I had found the temple then what next?
I plan to walk back and turn in to the Dundas Street and walk the Ladies Market from the Southern entrance as my hostel is at the end of the Ladies Market at the Tung Choi Street.
When I passed by Dundas Street,
I saw a shop selling Roti Pratta, the roti canai in Msia. (an Indian food in Msia)
He ask me wanna try, and I had chat with him awhile and found that he came from sri langka, I told him I came from Msia.
Wow, so happy to saw this shop in HK.
Then I pass through many shops selling Air-Gun,
I walk in and see, this type of shop there are none in Msia.
Actually the air gun is not very expensive, around 4000 – 5000dollars.
It is really nice, all guns you saw in Counter strikes you can found here.
There are at least 10 shops selling here.

I reached Ladies Market,
It is like the Petaling Street of KL.
Selling many things and is really cheap, the price is same in Msia.
But here, I can still divide it by two as the currency here is cheaper.
I bought an extra large pocker cards for only 15dollars.
Many unique souvenirs can found here.
The Ladies Market is a straight street with many junctions too.
Around half and hour I reached the end.
I can see the budget hostel; sincere mansion is just at the opposite road.
But I have to pass by many traffic lights to walk over there.
I take a bath and rest, I then go dinner with my friend. Oh ya, as my room have two bed,
My friend who I met in KL earlier had shared the room with me; he is coming for vacation too. He walks his and met at night for dinner.
We walk down around 7pm, we found one shop selling rice.
I ordered the set which is a plate of rice with a course and free tea, cost only 20dollar.
The size is big enough for me to eat; we had chat with the waiters there,
They thought we from Taiwan or Singapore, when told them KL,
They wonder where is it??? Felt shame ya.

We need to eat fast as many people are waiting for the place and some need to share table.
Cannot spend too much time eating there like the life in KL.
After eating we need to go.
I saw many Hong Kong people at the night.
Mongkok is actually a place where many youngsters hang around.
Many teenagers and youngster are there.
I had passed through the street where the whole street selling fashion for the youngsters.
Wow, there are many people there,
I walked into a complex, I saw many youngster’s toys…eg. Models, and many unique toys. The toys are so creative and this type of culture cannot find in Msia. The whole complex is selling it.
I had appreciated the creative and unique very much.
I spend quite a long time there to see their models and toys.
Around 9am. We walk back to our hostel.
We planned to sleep earlier so that can start our trip earlier tomorrow.
It is very noisy at that time, cannot sleep, we can only chat for some time as we cant sleep in. Around 12, finally the drumming downstairs had stop. We can have a good sleep.

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Hong Kong Single Trip - 3rd Jan - 7th Jan 07

DaY oNE – tHE stARtiNg oF THe joUrNeY - PART I

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I wake up early in the morning today and start my final preparation.
The taxi arrived early at around 6.20am.
I then headed towards KLIA.
Along the way, I think of many things…
This trip will be a very meaningful trip for me, as there are so many reasons which lead me to go for this trip.
From now on I had to depend on myself,
I know that I will enjoy my life there.
I start writing my feeling down on my traveling log book.

Around 6.50am, reached KLIA.
After seeing the departure information display, I headed to the check in counter.
I never check in my luggage so that it will be more convenient to me.
I then get through the immigration and walk to Gate H.
It is still early, my flights is at 9.15am.
I met one of my friends who are also going to Hong Kong on the same flight.
I suggest that we go for a tea at the Satellite Terminal.
…at burger king…drinking my coffee…
Thinking of what had happen in the past.
Thinking of how my wonderful single backpacking trip might be.
Looking around, there are many people too even though it is still early.
Looking outside of the window, the planes take off and landing.
The environment gives me some feeling which is difficult to describe.
Around 8.30, get back to the main terminal building to Gate H.
Lots of people now, the gate had open and the immigration checking starts.
Everyone had been checked, and they search every place to prevent us bringing any harmful objects.
After passing through, I saw the plane, Boeing 747, with a Visit Malaysia 2007 on the plane’s body. It was 9am. After switch off my hand phone, I get into the plane.

It had been long time since I last travel by MAS.
Dunno why, feel that the service had been improved a lot.
The facilities in the economy class had been improved too.
It was 9.40am, when the flight takes off. It schedule to land had been delayed for 5min.
3 more hours, I will be landing in the magnificent Hong Kong.
I had draft a traveling plan myself,
Most of the places I plan have the MTR coverage as the MTR will be my only transportation choice.
What I wish to see in Hong Kong this time are those buildings and architecture,
This is one of my reasons to travel this time.
There are so many to see… the HSBC, Central Building, Cheung Kong HQ, Two Financial Center, One Financial Center, Two Exchange square, Exchange Square, City Hall, Supreme Court, The Peak Tower, The Peak Galleria, Chek Lap Kok Airport, Wan Chai CEC, Tung Chung Township…and many more.
In the flight, I had tune to discovery channel to watch the Megacities-Hong Kong program. I will take this as my warm up or as a intro to this place.
My last time visit Hong Kong is when I was 7 years old. It was 13 years ago! Long time never come back to this place!

1pm, the flight had landing at Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok Int. Airport.
This is my first time landed in Hong Kong new airport.
When the plane landing, it seems like landing on the sea.
The new airport of Hong Kong is constructed on the man-made island at the Northeast of Lantau Island.
Its’ airport terminal is the world largest airport terminal, in enclosed place.
From the entrance of the airport terminal to the other end of the terminal had a distance of approximately 1km.
Thanks to Ar. Norman Foster, the airport is so beautiful. A Y-shape terminal from the view on top.

It is easy to traveling alone and nothing to scare of.
All you need to do is open up your eyes and see the surroundings; follow the signboard and open up you mouth and ask people when facing any problems.
After came out from the plane,
I follows the signboard which directing us to the immigration and arrival hall.
After crossing the immigration, I passed through the luggage claiming hall,
Then will be another custom checking area,
I follow the big crowd of the tour to walk out to prevent any unnecessary query by the custom.
After came out from the arrival hall, I saw the tourism board counter, I quickly buy the 3Days tourist unlimited pass. It is very economy as it includes the airport express too.
Then, I walk out the hall, and finding my name which written on the piece of paper.
My Hong Kong friend will fetch me to my hostel.
I never met her before as she is my mum’s fren’s sister’s daughter.
I find her easily, she wrote my Chinese name correctly too.
Hong Kong people are so friendly and their Cantonese is so…wow… nice

We have our chat along the way to the budget hostel at Mong Kok.
I told her I’m student of construction mgmt, she introduce lots of place to me.
I ask her lots of things about Hong Kong’s people,
Their living style, expenses, earnings, favorites, hobbies…many…
She had tell me many thing, especially on the surroundings township,
Tung Chung, this is a new township, it developed because of this new airport.
The western highway which I travel on is constructed on the reclaimed land.
This highway is linked by the Tsing Ma Bridge and Tsing Yi Bridge.
Before that, ships are the only way to come in to Lantau Island.
We passed by, Olympic, Kowloon, and finally reach Yau Tsim Tung and turn in to Mong Kok area. It takes us 30 minutes.
Actually she doesn’t know the hostel location, we only know is inside, Sincere Mansion.
After parking, we walk towards, Arglye Street and finally found Sincere Mansion.
She teach me how to read Hong Kong Address, we found the building by the address given.
We then go up to 7th floor and found the Hong Kong Budget Hostel.

(to be continue)

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why do we travel

i love travel all the while,
but i hardly find a traveling partner with me,
this results in i have to travel alone by myself everytime when i decided to go for a trip.

i travel since when i was very small,
but that was with my family, have been quite some years after i start traveling again...i was 3 years ago.
that time, i joined my friends to a youth conference and camp in Kaoshiung, we been to taipei too.
before i going for the trip, i am applying my admission to university. nearly cant go for the trip as eevryone had booked the ticket accpet mine coz havent know whther i'm able to go or not.
Finally evrything goes smoothly.

then, to reduce my parents worries, i start my first single trips to singapore for a week.
as it is near and i have been there before, relatives there too.
this is a meaningful trip as to gain experience in backpacking and let them reassure my ability so that they wil not worry so much on my next trip..

next will be my single trip to hongkong,
they worried, evryone too as they consider there as far and i have no one there. but i still, let them to know my plans and tells them not to worries so much..

why do i travel?
...lots of reason,
there is a big world outthere,
when i exposed to the world,
i know how tiny i am,
i get to see manything and get many experience, not only the beauty of the other nation, but the inner character of ourself can be builds up through that.
i'm not happy as i have not much friends,
can only blame myself as i dunno how to socialise,
i always cannot enjoys like what my peers do,
since when i was young, i wanna depend on myself,
i dun wan my parents to be so suffering in winning a bread to the family,
i try to help myself, everything depend on myself, so that this help then indirectly...
my peers dun need.
i lost my jewel in mylife, i dunwan to have regret anymore, thats why i go for travelling, to see more thing, to make my mind clearer,
all my friends says i never treat myself good before, really, always, not willing to buy something for myself, eeven food..always save the money and dunno where it give to...
i need to treat my self better as i had lost alot of thing...
i 20year old, going 21, have nothing...
what i have only the passion in travelling, now my only hope is earn the traveling fees, after i earn some money in a few months i will go again.. there is a big world out there... i lack of time!

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Traveling alone again

Hong Kong

This will be my first post...

My previous single backpack traveling is my first step and preparation for the backpack traveling this time.This time, I travel to the magnificent Hong Kong.

A 5 days 4 nights trip which inspired me very much!
There are many reasons for me to take Hong Kong as my destination.
And there are many reasons for me to take up this single traveling again…
When I first said it out, my friends and my family asked me who am I going with?
I told them I going alone.
I can see their worries but what I can do now is to let them know my plan and of course emergency plan in case to make their worries lighter.

And it was 4 weeks before I went.
I have my single traveling plan all the while,
And my plan always a budget plan.
Thanx for the MAS promotion fares, I able to book a Fares which help me saved a lot.

Oh ya, the accommodation I’m choosing budget hostel.
I found a few and finally decided to stay in Hong Kong Budget Hostel in Mongkok.
Of course, I have some other contacts so that it helps me to find other Hostel in case.

Choosing budget hostel is because I think of when I go for traveling, my time spend a lot outdoor, hostel is just a place for me to take a short bath and rest for the few hours at night.
So, not worth to stay in Hotel and I do not have the budget too.
Transport? No problem as they have a 3days Tourist Unlimited MTR Ride Pass. It covered almost all the place and giving a convenient ride to the resident there.

What else… quite busy before I going as I having my industrial training, so I have 3 weeks to complete my industrial training report and I wish to submit before I go so that I can really enjoyed it, I have to change the money, buying insurance, collect information and find more contacts.

The people there and this metropolis is same as Singapore,
They have same MTR system which links underground throughout the 3 biggest islands there.
Their MTR train compartments just like Singapore have 6 cabins unlike our so called “World Longest Unmanned Control Rail System – Putraline” which had only 2 cabins.
Their Central interchange alone is as big as the City Hall interchange in Singapore. What their government do is create convenient, is a big contrast when compared to here.

All buildings linked by the underground subway to the nearest MTR Station.
Above ground, there are covered walkways which again linked all buildings together.
The World Longest Escalators – The 1km Mid Level Escalators links and brings the people from the lower part of Hong Kong Island to the Mid level or the higher parts of the Concrete Jungle…oh ya… Central is a Concrete Jungle, truly.
Once again shame to replied when people asking about my nationality.
They laugh and they do not know where I come from, they asked is it Penang? Straits of Malacca? Singapore?

Our former big boss always claimed we are the best and these really make us feel shameful when we go out to the other country.
Not to say too much, as our “small gas” boss will then using the so called national security act to put me behind the bars, but friends! Please do not be so proud of ourselves, we not deserve and yet still a thousand years to catch up.

Most of the Hong Kong people spend much on their property. In fact, they are afford to one only, almost the salary they get had put to their housing loan. A normal government flat cost around 2 million dollars. Their paid is roughly 8000dollars.

So, to settle the loan, one generation is difficult to settle. Need 2 generations.
So, they work very hard. What inspired me much and touched me much is their hardworking attitude.
The Hong Kong people is very hardworking because, how much they can earn is already like that, they have to find more time to do more things.
Time is very important to the people there. They hated wasting of time. Not afford too. It priced more because time is their only capitals.
Hong Kong people are in a rush all the time.
You walk slowly you be knocked by seas of people behind you.
When they crossing a street, it is just like what you see in TVB Drama, seas of people flow through the street. What my expression during that time is Wow!

This is one of my reasons to traveling as much as I can. When I see more things outside, I noticed how small and tiny we are. There is a big world out there!
Our former big boss had closed our eyes to the wide broad world.
I felt sad and lost when think back that I had reached this age and I still have many things haven’t do and feel that I’m lacking of time.
I’m growing older and older, there are too many things outside, I lack of time, and I need to explore more!

I putting high expectation in this trip as it is a further single trip which I had ever tried on.
This is because, I very regret on what I had done in my past.
I wish not to regret one more time as I had lost the jewel of my life.
I knew this trip will open up my view wider
I knew this trip will set a new limit for me when as I pushing my limits out
I knew this trip will helps me to encounter the fear which I scared before
I knew this trip will give me an experience which I couldn’t buy in my lifetime
I knew this trip will give me a chance to recognize my effort and respect myself once

Someone tells me not to border people’s view, thought and their saying…
I practiced it, and it works!
However…it strikes me much when the “someone” throws me words which are terrible!
This “someone” rebuild my confident at the beginning
But this “someone” hit me strongly and knocked down my confident which I had build slowly
What this “someone” said I take it hardly as “someone” always right.
I agreed and disrespecting myself again.
I agreed with what “someone” said.
But I want to change; I changed; and is true; “someone” says no; just that “someone” cannot accept the facts that happened.

After this trip,
I gained a lot. Of course ya...
The effort I put in pays back.
The Hong Kong inspired much, not only the city; the buildings; the legend; of course the people!
It is a very realistic city as money builds the civilization there.
The people there are working so hard.
Time is their only assets! Time is their only way to change their lifestyle.

They fight for the “time”
This is a city which is amazing! When I saw the skyline of the Hong Kong, it touched me.
All I can see in front of me is the results from hardworking, persistent, and determination.

Their fighting spirit is never end, just like the spiral on top of the Two Financial Center. It represents the Hong Kong spirit which work hard to reaching the sky.

When you say doing tourism. This is it.
We always have the best plan but we hardly implement it.
Others can implement it easily.
When our neighbors are doing better, we claimed our neighbor as so called “afraid of losing”.

But when we saying the words, have we think of we are saying ourselves?
Please! Accept the facts!
Accept the facts and open up our eyes.

The world kept changing and in a very fast pace,
We need to change!
I change;
You change too;

Everyone is changing;

I changed…

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