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Traveling alone again

Hong Kong

This will be my first post...

My previous single backpack traveling is my first step and preparation for the backpack traveling this time.This time, I travel to the magnificent Hong Kong.

A 5 days 4 nights trip which inspired me very much!
There are many reasons for me to take Hong Kong as my destination.
And there are many reasons for me to take up this single traveling again…
When I first said it out, my friends and my family asked me who am I going with?
I told them I going alone.
I can see their worries but what I can do now is to let them know my plan and of course emergency plan in case to make their worries lighter.

And it was 4 weeks before I went.
I have my single traveling plan all the while,
And my plan always a budget plan.
Thanx for the MAS promotion fares, I able to book a Fares which help me saved a lot.

Oh ya, the accommodation I’m choosing budget hostel.
I found a few and finally decided to stay in Hong Kong Budget Hostel in Mongkok.
Of course, I have some other contacts so that it helps me to find other Hostel in case.

Choosing budget hostel is because I think of when I go for traveling, my time spend a lot outdoor, hostel is just a place for me to take a short bath and rest for the few hours at night.
So, not worth to stay in Hotel and I do not have the budget too.
Transport? No problem as they have a 3days Tourist Unlimited MTR Ride Pass. It covered almost all the place and giving a convenient ride to the resident there.

What else… quite busy before I going as I having my industrial training, so I have 3 weeks to complete my industrial training report and I wish to submit before I go so that I can really enjoyed it, I have to change the money, buying insurance, collect information and find more contacts.

The people there and this metropolis is same as Singapore,
They have same MTR system which links underground throughout the 3 biggest islands there.
Their MTR train compartments just like Singapore have 6 cabins unlike our so called “World Longest Unmanned Control Rail System – Putraline” which had only 2 cabins.
Their Central interchange alone is as big as the City Hall interchange in Singapore. What their government do is create convenient, is a big contrast when compared to here.

All buildings linked by the underground subway to the nearest MTR Station.
Above ground, there are covered walkways which again linked all buildings together.
The World Longest Escalators – The 1km Mid Level Escalators links and brings the people from the lower part of Hong Kong Island to the Mid level or the higher parts of the Concrete Jungle…oh ya… Central is a Concrete Jungle, truly.
Once again shame to replied when people asking about my nationality.
They laugh and they do not know where I come from, they asked is it Penang? Straits of Malacca? Singapore?

Our former big boss always claimed we are the best and these really make us feel shameful when we go out to the other country.
Not to say too much, as our “small gas” boss will then using the so called national security act to put me behind the bars, but friends! Please do not be so proud of ourselves, we not deserve and yet still a thousand years to catch up.

Most of the Hong Kong people spend much on their property. In fact, they are afford to one only, almost the salary they get had put to their housing loan. A normal government flat cost around 2 million dollars. Their paid is roughly 8000dollars.

So, to settle the loan, one generation is difficult to settle. Need 2 generations.
So, they work very hard. What inspired me much and touched me much is their hardworking attitude.
The Hong Kong people is very hardworking because, how much they can earn is already like that, they have to find more time to do more things.
Time is very important to the people there. They hated wasting of time. Not afford too. It priced more because time is their only capitals.
Hong Kong people are in a rush all the time.
You walk slowly you be knocked by seas of people behind you.
When they crossing a street, it is just like what you see in TVB Drama, seas of people flow through the street. What my expression during that time is Wow!

This is one of my reasons to traveling as much as I can. When I see more things outside, I noticed how small and tiny we are. There is a big world out there!
Our former big boss had closed our eyes to the wide broad world.
I felt sad and lost when think back that I had reached this age and I still have many things haven’t do and feel that I’m lacking of time.
I’m growing older and older, there are too many things outside, I lack of time, and I need to explore more!

I putting high expectation in this trip as it is a further single trip which I had ever tried on.
This is because, I very regret on what I had done in my past.
I wish not to regret one more time as I had lost the jewel of my life.
I knew this trip will open up my view wider
I knew this trip will set a new limit for me when as I pushing my limits out
I knew this trip will helps me to encounter the fear which I scared before
I knew this trip will give me an experience which I couldn’t buy in my lifetime
I knew this trip will give me a chance to recognize my effort and respect myself once

Someone tells me not to border people’s view, thought and their saying…
I practiced it, and it works!
However…it strikes me much when the “someone” throws me words which are terrible!
This “someone” rebuild my confident at the beginning
But this “someone” hit me strongly and knocked down my confident which I had build slowly
What this “someone” said I take it hardly as “someone” always right.
I agreed and disrespecting myself again.
I agreed with what “someone” said.
But I want to change; I changed; and is true; “someone” says no; just that “someone” cannot accept the facts that happened.

After this trip,
I gained a lot. Of course ya...
The effort I put in pays back.
The Hong Kong inspired much, not only the city; the buildings; the legend; of course the people!
It is a very realistic city as money builds the civilization there.
The people there are working so hard.
Time is their only assets! Time is their only way to change their lifestyle.

They fight for the “time”
This is a city which is amazing! When I saw the skyline of the Hong Kong, it touched me.
All I can see in front of me is the results from hardworking, persistent, and determination.

Their fighting spirit is never end, just like the spiral on top of the Two Financial Center. It represents the Hong Kong spirit which work hard to reaching the sky.

When you say doing tourism. This is it.
We always have the best plan but we hardly implement it.
Others can implement it easily.
When our neighbors are doing better, we claimed our neighbor as so called “afraid of losing”.

But when we saying the words, have we think of we are saying ourselves?
Please! Accept the facts!
Accept the facts and open up our eyes.

The world kept changing and in a very fast pace,
We need to change!
I change;
You change too;

Everyone is changing;

I changed…

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