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Hong Kong Single Trip - 3-7th Jan -- PART II

Part II - 3rd Jan (first Day)

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It is very easy to find, I saw Jacky then, the owner of the HK Budget Hostel.
Wow, this is my first time to stay in a Hostel.
It is a single flat unit and divided into 5 rooms.
The space is limited and small,
After I get into my room, ha… I estimated, around 36 square feet.
My room has an attached bathroom, water heater facilities, TV and a double decker bed.
My friend is shock to see that.
But I had prepared to accept as I just need this room for bath and rest.
One thing good about this hostel is it has a very warm feeling, just like our own house.
The owner is a young guy who managing this hostel as his career.
He lives here too.
The hostel is very clean and every room fitted with proper fire prevention facilities.
This is a very good experience to me,
This had let me see the living style Hong Kong people.
Even though the space is so small, but they arrange the place nicely and neatly, without wasting a single space.
After putting my luggage in the room, we then go and eat.

She asks me to suggest one thing which I wish to eat so that it is easier.
I suggest Wan Tan Mee,
When we come down from the hostel, at the opposite side there is a shop selling it.
We then go in…the shop is so small, the table too.
I had ordered a Wan Tan Mee, wanna try and see the differences between the KL one and HK one.
I saw how she order and notice that Hong Kong people like to order a plate of vege as additional dish.
I had observed the people there and the passer by outside the shop.
Hong Kong people are in a rush all the time.
The Wan Tan Mee is soup one; no dry anyway, it cost me 15dollar.
Is really nice.
She had tells me that which type of shop will be cheaper to eat in.
After eating, she gonna leave.
I thank her, before that… she shows me a few direction so that is more easy for me when I see the map, she point me the Nathan Road and to Tsim Sha Tsui direction; and also the MTR exits as there are many exits for each station. Our place is Mongkok station D2 exit.
She left,
And I start this trip.

At first I stand at the road site and see how the people in Hong Kong crossing the road.
Is just like what I had seen in the TVB Drama, there are many people here.
When they cross the road, are really seas of people crossing it.
Not very cold during that time, I think is around 15 degree.
My first place to visit will be the surrounding complex; this is to get myself familiar with the place.
I have a good direction sense, it’s easy for me.
After seeing the complex and the people lifestyle, I walk towards Nathan Road.
I will start walking along Nathan Road towards Tsim Sha Tsui direction.
Nathan Road is a tourist attraction,
Many things to buy and this road seem so familiar which shows many times in the Drama.
The people here walk very fast.
So, I had to walk fast too.
Along the road, I keep observing the people, their lifestyle, and the buildings around, the car, busses, and taxies. I saw Public Bank! It makes me feel so warm as the m’sia bank is here.

While walking, I decided to go to our Fo Guang Shan Branch in Hong Kong,
It is situated at the Waterloo Road.
My teacher told me before the temple is next to YMCA.
So, I follow the map and search for the Waterloo Road junction.
The signboards shows me – Waterloo Road , 1-11.
This is what my friend tell me just now, 1 -11 is the building number around this road, so what I need to do is just follows the number,
Wow, the address written is 84, I have a long way to go…
But I saw YMCA at my left hand side now,
I wonder what is happening; I continue my walk and pass by a hospital,
I ask the reception whether I had reached. She told me no, this is still area 12-30, I need to walk further.
Is ok, at least I’m in the right way. I wonder why YMCA is here; I thought my teacher say is beside it?

I think is school end during that time, I saw many students around and they have different uniforms for each school.
I had pass by at least 7 junctions, I saw Mc Donald’s… I go in and check out the price of a Mc Value set, it cost 29 dollar. Still ok…
I then saw 81 – 90 street. I think I reached.
Yes, I do, I follow the number and kept finding…
What?... I saw YWCA… this is the accommodation for women of the YMCA.
I search around and I really found, it same row of the YWCA, opposite on my side.
I walk up to the building, after pray, I told the receptionist that I come from Msia and is a youth member of Fo Guang Shan, she bring me visit around.
So, I had found the temple then what next?
I plan to walk back and turn in to the Dundas Street and walk the Ladies Market from the Southern entrance as my hostel is at the end of the Ladies Market at the Tung Choi Street.
When I passed by Dundas Street,
I saw a shop selling Roti Pratta, the roti canai in Msia. (an Indian food in Msia)
He ask me wanna try, and I had chat with him awhile and found that he came from sri langka, I told him I came from Msia.
Wow, so happy to saw this shop in HK.
Then I pass through many shops selling Air-Gun,
I walk in and see, this type of shop there are none in Msia.
Actually the air gun is not very expensive, around 4000 – 5000dollars.
It is really nice, all guns you saw in Counter strikes you can found here.
There are at least 10 shops selling here.

I reached Ladies Market,
It is like the Petaling Street of KL.
Selling many things and is really cheap, the price is same in Msia.
But here, I can still divide it by two as the currency here is cheaper.
I bought an extra large pocker cards for only 15dollars.
Many unique souvenirs can found here.
The Ladies Market is a straight street with many junctions too.
Around half and hour I reached the end.
I can see the budget hostel; sincere mansion is just at the opposite road.
But I have to pass by many traffic lights to walk over there.
I take a bath and rest, I then go dinner with my friend. Oh ya, as my room have two bed,
My friend who I met in KL earlier had shared the room with me; he is coming for vacation too. He walks his and met at night for dinner.
We walk down around 7pm, we found one shop selling rice.
I ordered the set which is a plate of rice with a course and free tea, cost only 20dollar.
The size is big enough for me to eat; we had chat with the waiters there,
They thought we from Taiwan or Singapore, when told them KL,
They wonder where is it??? Felt shame ya.

We need to eat fast as many people are waiting for the place and some need to share table.
Cannot spend too much time eating there like the life in KL.
After eating we need to go.
I saw many Hong Kong people at the night.
Mongkok is actually a place where many youngsters hang around.
Many teenagers and youngster are there.
I had passed through the street where the whole street selling fashion for the youngsters.
Wow, there are many people there,
I walked into a complex, I saw many youngster’s toys…eg. Models, and many unique toys. The toys are so creative and this type of culture cannot find in Msia. The whole complex is selling it.
I had appreciated the creative and unique very much.
I spend quite a long time there to see their models and toys.
Around 9am. We walk back to our hostel.
We planned to sleep earlier so that can start our trip earlier tomorrow.
It is very noisy at that time, cannot sleep, we can only chat for some time as we cant sleep in. Around 12, finally the drumming downstairs had stop. We can have a good sleep.

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