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Here's my first travel blog, my first time, my english is poor, but love to share.

all seasons in one day

Many people told me that travelling alone is a great experience

It would be one of our craziest thing ever done in our entire life

...seriously is true...

Having quite a badtime during last sem lead me to having trip alone

Travelling in S'pore alone

By only using their MRT and walking, i saw alot more happenings in S'pore

You would see how far i had walk if you have my map marked with red pen

& only through walking u can see more things

Seeing their culture, people, enjoy their knowledge, advance, friendliness

I use to have a good sense on geography as this is the only good thing i had

Looking at the map & find places by yourself is much of an independent journey

A lot more to share as verbal expressed easily

Travelling alone lead you to see more things, will be quite relaxing as you don't have to entertain; you would feel lonely, however you will be appreciating it

To me is a great trip. As i only looking at bldgs and people there

Many bldg that I saw in S'pore Architects, GA, Aa, Trends (architecture magazines) i had visited & take a closer look, Is amazing!

As a Construction Mgmt student

Take a look on their new construction method is part of my activities

Impressively when i saw what is atually a school, a primary school which facilities are greater than our so call m'sia private universities.

Saw what is their the systematic township we learned in Town Planning

Saw their skills in project management of a site

Saw changi prison, which even nicer than our so call high end development area

Went to the boookstore and see how M'sian giving out a lie again!

As we kept saying how big is our mall without looking at our tiny neighbour

Enjoying the culture of friendliness or S'poreans, not only the police, tourism board but the people there, even a 10 year-old girl

Their girl is always steady

We often call people's english so call SINGlish

But wat i see with my own eye.. not only looking at a few people.. i often say sumthing out with evidence.. after i saw so many people & be there for 6 days. the people there.. their english is so fluent like wat we call "english slang" and they can switch to chinese anytime juz like us... with the chinese that we called "bejing slang"

Alot more to share as there are many restriction

In S'pore and as a backpack traveller, we cant take photo whenever we like especially when i travel alone

Especially in their MRT station n LRT... oh ya... MRT is underground system which is underground for 6 floors.. LRT is smaller train that links to their township

Cannot simply take pic there as it is one of their national security shelter.. it turns into a shelter when there is a bombing or war in S'pore but i use to take sum pic in MRT n their malls illegally

City Link Mall, an underground shopping mall that links for 1 KM

Every MRT station have different design shows the masterpiece of different architect

Alot more experience of travelling alone

But couldnt expressed all out at one time as my english is so broken...

Looking forward to make a chinese edition to write about their library, airport, ports, sentosa island, harbour front, marina city, many...

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